M&A – Transaction advisory services

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DHT has extensive experience in assisting clients creating value through transactions. Through board of directors positions, operational management experience and consulting we have considerable expertise from a variety of industry segments. Our recommendations are always based on a thorough assessment of opportunities and possible implications of alternative solutions.

DHT´s proven record and broad experience from divestments and acquisitions ensure our clients a structured, tailor made process securing the best possible outcome. Our independence and long term approach ensure that we always strive to recommend the best solutions for our clients.

Our services

  • Sale of enterprises

  • Acquisition of enterprises

  • Demergers / mergers / changes in ownership structure

  • Succession in family businesses

DHT offers a dedicated team with in-depth advisory experience, industrial knowledge and strategic focus in order to execute transactions maximizing values to clients prior to, during and after acquisitions and divestments


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DHT is one of the leading players valuing enterprises in Norway and has considerable and broad consultancy experience regarding change of ownership, confirmation of values and need for decision making support. DHT partners are frequently appointed as experts in different disputes including arbitration and litigation, as well as being invited as lecturers on high level training courses and business schools. We deliver approximately 200 independent valuations every year.

Delivery areas

  • Financial and strategic planning and management

  • Valuation

  • Investment analysis

  • Project financing

  • Ownership changes

  • Acquisitions

  • Mergers/demergers

  • Alliances and joint ventures

  • Succession in family businesses

  • Confirmation of value

  • Allocation of acquisition price

  • Sales between close parties

  • Expert statements

  • Internal pricing

  • Confirmation of balance value

  • Financial restructuring

DHT combines broad industry segment understanding with professional valuation expertise ensuring our clients a sound basis for financial decisions and strategic planning and management

Business restructuring and development

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DHT ensures progress and supports the client’s ability to execute, assists in performing analysis, challenges the customer where appropriate and develops proper documentation for decision-making.

DHT often recommends a direct and hands-on approach instead of an extensive long lasting process. We would normally appoint a small DHT team representing both proven industrial background and professional consulting skills. DHT may provide Management for Hire subject to separate agreement. We are prepared to support throughout the project period, including analysis, solution development, planning for implementation and the implementation itself.

Delivery areas

  • Strategy and business development

  • Improvement / increase in value processes

  • Restructuring

  • Corporate governance

  • Integration processes

DHT combines professional consulting skills with broad operational experience in business restructuring and development. This ensures a holistic perspective, covering all substantial analytical and operational elements related to your need for business restructuring and development